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Original Character Interviews: Nami the Cheetah
(The interviewer walks towards his desk as the deafening applause started to wane. He smiles and sits down.)
Interviewer: Good evening and welcome to Original Character Interviews! Today, we have Nami the Cheetah!
(The audience applauds as she walks to the seat next to the interviewer)
Interviewer: Welcome. So tell us a little about yourself?
Nami: I'm twenty-six years old, I'm a Libra, I love horror and a few comedy movies, and I love puppies.
Interviewer: Sounds intriguing. So your folks are ministers, right? You ever go to church?
Nami: Yes, my folks are ministers of a family church. Also, no I don't go church because I'm an atheist so I avoid anything that has anything to do with this God character.
Interviewer: you said that you love horror movies? What type of horror movies you enjoy?
Nami: I prefer either slasher or psychological movies.
Interviewer: You like slasher films? Why?
Nami: I like those
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 0
Vampire vs Vampire Huntress p10 by Dragonguardian253 Vampire vs Vampire Huntress p10 :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 5 3 Vampire vs Vampire Huntress p9 by Dragonguardian253 Vampire vs Vampire Huntress p9 :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 0 Diane and Simon by Dragonguardian253 Diane and Simon :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 2 1
Pokemon Corner Interviews
(The audience murmurs to themselves until a spotlight shines in the studio making the audience cheers as the interviewer appears and sits down. He raises his hand to silence them.)
Interviewer: Hello and welcome to Pokémon Corner Interviews! Today, we have a special treat for you all! We have a guest all the way from the Alola region! Give a hand for Aaliyah Green!
(The audience applauds as a young girl in a motorized wheelchair then parks it next to the desk.)
Interviewer: Thank you for joining us.
Aaliyah: Thanks.
Interviewer: I didn't know you had a wheelchair.
Aaliyah: Well, I had it since my "accident" with one of my Pokémon.
Interviewer: Your Pokémon caused it?
(Aaliyah chuckles a little bit then looks at the interviewer.)
Aaliyah: Yeah, but she didn't mean it.
Interviewer: What do you mean by "she"?
(Aaliyah lets the interviewer grab a scratched up Ultra Ball and then releases a huge pink and black Po
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The Legend of Marfedelom Torke
You're probably wanting to know about the story of Marfedelom Torke, otherwise known to many as the "Death Angel or the Angel of Death". Marfedelom was an onyx black dragon with sharp teeth, blood red eyes, and a taste for destruction.
Legend has it, that if you spot Marfedelom in the sky, it's already too late for you because no one has ever returned or lived to tell the tale. Anyway, a long time ago, there was once a thriving town with a kind and thoughtful king ruling them and everything was fine.
Until one day, a huge shadow enveloped through the sky making the villagers gasp in horror as they saw the black dragon descend and breathed blue and whitish fire breath scorching the huts. It also burnt down the crops causing the villagers to starve.
Even worse, Marfedelom killed most of them by burning down their homes and eating them one by one. It was then, a male villager rushes toward the castle to warn him about the blood-thirsty dragon. The king was pacing back and forward trying t
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 0
Pokemon Corner Interviews: Dr. Branson Morrison
(The audience is deathly silent until the host comes out and everyone cheers. Then the host raises his hand to silence them.)
Interviewer: Thank you all, and welcome to Pokémon Corner Interviews! Tonight, we have, Chief Scientist Dr. Branson Morrison.
(The audience claps as the man makes his way to the sofa and sits next to the interviewer.)
Interviewer: Thank you for joining us, Doctor.
Dr. Morrison: Yeah, yeah....
Interviewer: Okay. So you're the Chief Scientist, right? What do you specialize in?
Dr. Morrison: I specialize in genetics.
Interviewer: Really? How fascinating. So who do you work for?
Dr. Morrison: Simple.....I work for Team Rocket.
(The audience boos and jeers Dr. Morrison for his answer)
Interviewer: *Lifts hand to quiet the audience* What do you mean?
Dr. Morrison: Well, since my work was "controversial" to everyone, no scientist or laboratory would hire me. After three and a h
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 0 0
Scientific Log of Dr. Morrison
Scientific Log No. 1:
We have studied Pokémon evolution for the longest time wondering how different triggers were used(Love, Stones, Trade, etc.)We've tested out many Pokémon with these triggers and we're wondering if we could make a Pokémon evolve without using these elements.
Scientific Log No. 2:
I've created a special serum that can easily bypass normal evolution, but I needed to test it before we could be sure so we "borrowed" a Rocket grunts' Pokémon.
Scientific Log No. 3:
We used a Rattata to test the effects of the serum, but getting it to hold still, was a bit of a challenge because it was trying to bite me. Luckily, we managed to strap it down before it escaped. I gave it a small dose of the serum and watched to see what happens.
Scientific Log No. 4:
The Rattata we used evolved a little at first, but then it went still after thirty seconds of being injected with the serum. I used my stethoscope to check if its heart was beating, but I couldn't hear anyth
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The Story Of The Four Dragons
I am the known as the Storyteller of the North, a nomad storyteller who travels around the world telling stories all around the world. The story I will share with you is known as the Four Dragons.
A very long time ago, before the rivers of China were created, there lived four dragons: Long Dragon, Yellow Dragon, Pearl Dragon and Black Dragon.
The dragons lived in a huge sea and for a time, were having fun until one day, Pearl Dragon heard the sounds of groaning.
Pearl Dragon told the other dragons about the sound so they went to check it out. They noticed a village where the villagers' crops were withering away because there was no rain.
The Dragons were sad to hear about the villager's plight wondering what could they do to help their crops grow.
It was then Long Dragon had an idea, "We could go and see the Jade Emperor! Maybe he could help!" The others agreed so they flew off until they found the Jade Emperor's throne.
The dragons landed in front of him, but he was angry. He bellowed
:icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 3 4
Ask Luna/Nightmare by Dragonguardian253 Ask Luna/Nightmare :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 0 0 Vampire vs. Vampire Huntress p8 by Dragonguardian253 Vampire vs. Vampire Huntress p8 :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 0 Nightmare the Dragoness by Dragonguardian253 Nightmare the Dragoness :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 0 0 Luna the Dream Weaver by Dragonguardian253 Luna the Dream Weaver :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 0 Festival Fun by Dragonguardian253 Festival Fun :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 0 School Day Drama p15 by Dragonguardian253 School Day Drama p15 :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 2 Beach Day by Dragonguardian253 Beach Day :icondragonguardian253:Dragonguardian253 1 0
Welcome to my gallery! I hope that you enjoy your stay here because you'll NEVER LEAVE!!!! :evillaugh:. Just kidding, please feel free to look around!!

TTFN (Ta-Ta For Now!)
:peace: and :love: to my friends and watchers, too!:blowkiss:
Oh, and one rule applies here,absolutely NO CRITIQUES! Unless you can critique to improve my writings. Or if I ask for one. :iconnocritiqueplz:

Also, please leave comments when you look at my stuff. It helps. :iconfaveandcomment1plz: :iconfaveandcomment2plz:


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Dragonborn: Genesis
I ran down the road leading away from the school like the devil was on my heels; my heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
“C’mon, Charlie!! Are you too scared to face me? Are you chicken?” Marc’s cackle rang in my ears, as did his friends’ laughter.
I only ran faster. “I’m done with you and your bastard friends, Marc!!” I shouted over my shoulder, picking up speed.
Glancing up at the sky, I noticed it was just past sunset, and happened to glimpse the rising stars of the constellation Draco, the Dragon, just above the northern horizon.
I only took a split-second glance, then looked ahead again, and put on a burst of speed.
My legs and lungs both burned, as my heart pounded.
The back lane leading home was closer now, but then...
Hearing a loud honk, I spun just in time to see a silver grill and headlights, but managed to catch a glimpse of the driver, a man clad in black, with long, greasy black hair, almost like Sirius Black from t
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 5 0
Sonny Side: Invited To Dinner by RockyToonzComics Sonny Side: Invited To Dinner :iconrockytoonzcomics:RockyToonzComics 38 12 Kai as Morrigan Aensland by RatchetJak Kai as Morrigan Aensland :iconratchetjak:RatchetJak 31 20


:iconfree-to-fly-all-day: :icondraconic-sanctuary: :iconartist-freedom-world:



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